18 June, 2019

Bear hugs for all at North Lakes kid’s workshop

Adopt A Bear Workshop

North Lakes Sports Club’s school holiday program will feature an Adopt-A-Bear Workshop on Friday 12th July with doors from 10am.

Families with children over 3 years are invited to come along to the Kids Club event and build a bear to take home this school holidays.

“Every child will receive a special birth certificate where they can name their bear after filling it with keepsakes during the hour-long workshop,” said Mr Patch, CEO.

“They will also get a t-shirt for the bear to colour in on the day.

“The Adopt-A-Bear Workshop is just the event for the kids to enjoy a morning out of the house where they’ll be amused for hours after!”

Kids Club members have access to discounted tickets from just $15 per child.

Tickets to this Kids Club event are also available for purchase by non-Kids Club members for just $20 per child.

Bring the kids along this school holidays to North Lakes Sports Club for a morning of fun and bear hugs from their newly brought-to-life friend.

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