21 March, 2019

Sustainability sky high at North Lakes Sports Club!

Sustainability at NLSC

North Lakes Sports Club has officially turned on power generation from more than 1,000 solar panels today, providing a significant reduction in the club’s power usage and environmental impact.

As part of the club’s sustainability initiatives, the 402kW solar system will generate over 600 megawatt hours in energy per year, equivalent to powering more than 80 homes annually.

Club General Manager Chris Sartori confirmed the installation of the solar system began in early December 2018 and was completed earlier this month.

“We are very conscious of the ongoing impact our venue has on the environment, and power generated from the solar panels will help reduce the club’s carbon footprint,” Mr Sartori said.

“The club was designed with the environment in mind and this latest addition compliments a number of other sustainability initiatives already in action.

“These initiatives include maximising natural light through the design of the club, the use of light sensors to reduce unnecessary power consumption, and a food waste management system that converts kitchen scraps & food waste into organic compost.”

The food waste management system was installed in late 2017 with the Pulpmaster 5000 machine transforming food waste into a clean source of organic compost as well as electricity generation through anaerobic digestion.

The club has also introduced environmentally-friendly, biodegradable straws to customers in late February 2019 to contribute to eliminating plastic straw usage.

North Lakes Sports Club’s continued effort in sustainable practices has been the driver behind making the club energy efficient and solar powered.


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